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About us

We offer leading technologies for manufacturing industrial gases and compressed air for industrial applications. We are a ESCO company – (energy saving company).

The scope of our activities include, among other construction and equipment of the compressing air station. We develop a comprehensive audit activities, prepare and execute the entire investment project, which aims to manufacture or treatment of compressed air for the industry. We take in the outsourcing existing industrial air compressor and nitrogen generation stations, build own power stations and supply compressed air and gases to the client’s compressed air network.

Marani company z o.o. is a 100% private company founded in 1993 with the mission to actively participate in the restructuring of the Polish heavy industry in Silesia. Currently, the company is involved in the processes of technical and technological changes that large industrial enterprises carry out in the field of compressed air and gases throughout Poland. We are a reliable supplier of compressed air and nitrogen for 20 coal mines, 7 steelworks, blacksmith shop, rolling mill, mechanical and metal plants, cement plants.
We operate on outsourcing basis of supply (see references).
Marani is located in Zabrze, Silesia, in the center of the great Polish industry and Gorzow Wielkopolski and Stalowa Wola.
We take over the management of the existing compressor stations and build own compressors, blowers, industrial gas stations from which we supply customers industrial network.

Marani Sp. z o.o.
We are a technical integrator in the field of compressed air and nitrogen economy, based on equipment of own production (see product catalog) as well as the leading companies in the world. We offer solutions at the highest level. We are a company of ESCO type (Energu Saving Company).
Together with the Research and Development Centre of Pneumatics components and systems in Kielce we offer complete solutions for industrial process automation based on our own pneumatic components (see product catalog).

Marani Sp. z o.o. is a shareholder of the following companies and creates with them Marani capital group.

Marani GmbH
MARANI GmbH was founded in Wohratal (Hessen) is a subsidiary of Marani Sp. z o.o. in Zabrze, Poland (50% of the share capital). The Company sells pneumatic components to the EU market through B2B platform from its online store (see online shop). It provides outsourcing services for compressed air supply in Germany.

Research and Development Centre of Pneumatics components and systems Sp. z o.o.
Founded in 1968 Research and Development Centre of Pneumatics components and systems in Kielce remains the main place of building and developing Polish pneumatics. It designs and manufactures components and special assemblies intended for use in individual technical devices and in unusual conditions. It produces standard pneumatic cylinders and components.
OBREiUP maintains numerous contacts with national universities: Kielce University of Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, AGH Krakow, Bialystok Wroclaw and Koszalin Technical University. Already in the 70s in the Centre laboratory was created equipped with positions for engaging the tests in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO. Since its establishment the Centre has been approved for the overall national standardization work in the field of pneumatic drive and control. After the amendment to the Law on Standardisation, effective since 1 January 2003. in OBREIUP the Secretariat of the Technical Committee No. 208 for pneumatic drives and controls was created, which exists at the center to this day, actively participating in the work of national and international committees and in the activities of International Organization for Standardization ISO TC 131 and TC 118 and European committee CEN. Marani Sp. z o.o. holds 85% share capital of OBREiUP Sp. z o.o. in Kielce.